Elle’s Office Scan

At Elle Office Support quality, efficiency, collaboration and productivity for the ‘office professional’ are most important. In many companies these factors can be optimized. We think that these factors can only increase by passion and happiness in the practice of the office professional.

If you think that the collaboration or the result of the back office can be optimized, please feel free to contact us. With Elle’s Office Scan work processes for office professionals are clarified and analyzed. The scan maps the quality and points of improvement. By looking at the way the office professionals work we not only check the efficiency and effectivity of the work processes but we also look at competences, attitude and work ethics. Elle’s Office Scan is based on experience and the theory of Lean Six Sigma.


After the intake with the client we will interview the office professionals and their manager(s). To get a good impression about the way the office professionals work we will be working alongside at the back office for at least one part of a day.


On the basis of the interviews and our finding we will set up a report with the findings, strengths and weaknesses and recommendations. In a separate conversation with the client the report will be explained and will receive tips about improvement for the work at the back office.

Improvement project

Of course Elle Office Support can guide the back office during the improvement project.

Would you like to know more about Elle’s Office Scan? Please feel free to contact us at  +31172263010 to discuss the possibilities or to schedule a first interview. This interview will take about an hour and is free of costs.