Elle’s Telephone Services

You don’t always have to be reachable, our Telephone Service is!

As a addition to your company we offer Elle’s Telephone Services. We offer a service, tailor made for your company, in which we garuantee optimal reachability. Each company is different and has different wishes. We are very flexible in our service; you can forward calls every now and then, for example when you are in meetings or to block time for yourself to work on important things for your business. You can also always forward your calls to our service. We will let you know who called and you can call back in your own time.

Professional appearance for your company

A phone that is not being answered, a voicemail or even a poor connection are things you have probably come across. This often does not look professional and could cost you clients. This can easily be avoided and you will be one step ahead of your competitor.

Advantages of a personalised Telephone Service

  • Always one contactperson.
  • No loss of messages.
  • No time consuming answering standard questions
  • No expensive investment in telephone infrastructure
  • Preservation of identity of the company.

You can also extend this service by combining it with our Virtual Assistant Service. If you also let us handle certain daily activities as Virtual Assistant we are more involved in your company and we can serve your clients even better. For example: we can schedule appointments directly or we can directly handle your accounts payable. Little things that can make a big difference in personally answering your clients questions and you don’t have to do these time consuming activities.

Give us a call at +31172263010 or send us an email at telefoonservice@elleofficesupport.nl. We are happy to help you!