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What can Elle do for you as an entrepreneur?

Virtual Assistant

We support entrepreneurs virtually with their daily activities so they can continue to work on their passion!

Personal Assistant

Looking for a right hand, for your business or private? We take care of the business you do not want to do or you do not have enough time for. This makes it easier for you to do what you really want to do.

Office Management

If you need support for setting up projects or bigger issues in the office, you can bring in Elle as your Office manager. For example: setting up and/or coordinating the back office.

Elle’s Telephone Services

As an addition to your company we offer Elle’s Telephone Services. We offer a service adjusted to your company in which we guarantee optimal accessibility.

Elle’s Office Scan

With Elle’s Office Scan we make sure that the process of your work at the back office will be clear and analysed. The Scan emphasises the qualities and the points of improvement by the office professionals and will help you improve.

In 2015, Mariëlle Elsing and Mirelle Petit started their own business Elle Office Support. They work for a significant amount of entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant on a daily basis and are expanding their business internationally.

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What do clients appreciate?

It is great to collaborate with Mirelle. She is very reliable, pro actif, quick and is just a fine person. She professionalized the back office of TPC Leadership and aligned with our international partners.   

Annelieke JenseManaging Partner TPC Leadership Netherlands

Mirelle is a fantastic support for GelukkigWerken. She is decisive, pro actif, keeps the overview and is very precise and flexible when needed. She has taken care of things before you thought of them. She is extremely good in contact with clients on all levels of an organisation. Always professional but with humor and concerned. Responsible and thorough. She really supports! I am more than happy to recommend her!

Onno HamburgerEigenaar

“Mariëlle is the virtual assistant/office manager of my company Pink Coat. She has been involved in scheduling appointments, managing the agenda and events, being in contact with clients and organizing a lot of things around the office. It has been amazing to be working together with her. She gets things done! Which is exactly what you need from her role. What sets Mariëlle apart in her work is her personal commitment, willingness to go the extra mile and capability of being up to speed very quickly. She is indispensable for Pink Coat and for me personally in trying to achieve our goals. ”

Henriëtte Kloots-van DillenEigenaar Pink Coat

Mirelle is my support concerning planning, IT, administration and invoicing. She can overview things very calmly and without stress. She is quick, flexible, thoughtful and pro actif. Thanks to Mirelle our company has made great progress!

René HuurdemanEigenaar Blue Talent

Mirelle is worth gold. Alert, accurate, thoughtful, reliable and keeps the overview. But above all: ze always thinks 2 steps ahead of the initial question with which she is worth more than just an ‘assistant’. 

Hugo-Jan RutsEditor-in-Chief en eigenaar ZiPconomy

Mariëlle has helped me start up my lunch café. Because of her insights and her foresight this has run smoothly. Mariëlle is capable to think ahead; problems were solved even before they became a problem. She stands for quality and is a great sparring partner because of her knowledge and experience. The great thing about Mariëlle is that she shows much initiative. This helps me as an entrepreneur to stay calm in a stressful period. From designing my website to setting up my bookkeeping; in short Mariëlle takes care off and supports and is great in what she does. I highly recommend her. I will make use of Mariëlle’s skills in the future and I am sure that my company will grow by making use of her insights, qualities and initiatives. 

Chris ElsingEigenaar Lunchcafé Portcity

Mirelle is a true support in realizing your own or your companies goals. She things along with you, supports you where she can and she always will be open for improvement. 

Raymon GeurtsFounder Berckeley Square

Mariëlle of Elle Office Support has been indispensible for my company from day one! Ever since we work together my customer base has grown with 25% and I could not have done this all by myself. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

Remie CremersEigenaar Super Remie

I recommend Mirelle when you need support for example on updating your website, online marketing activities and setting up your newsletter. Mirelle has really helped me out by quickly and professionaly updating website texts and webshop and helped promoting my courses through external websites. She is great!

Manuela van ProoijenEigenaar Weblish Online Marketing & Services

Working together with Mirelle is fantastic, I am glad I ‘found’ her. Mirelle is quick, adequate and thinks ahead with you. She is professional, decisive and, not unimportant, she has humor. For me, the best part is that Mirelle brings peace. I can fully focus on my company while Mirelle takes care of the day to day business. I highly recommend her! 

Jacqueline WienerEigenaar JACQUELINE WIENER

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